Lizzie’s story – 9

Carol – part 9

I had this romantic idea about love. Of two people falling for each other, and staying together ever after. Of harmony, happiness and ease. But love is hard work, pain, a fight for survival.

I became friends with Carol. She reminds me of a dazzling ebony sculpture I grew up seeing every day. It was from a distant past, from Africa they said.
She told me a lot about her and Boyd. About him not granting her any space in his life, about having to fight for every breath, every inch. It reminded me of my own experience with him. I wonder why he chooses good looking, smart women to run them down?
A real strong man doesn’t need to suppress a woman in order to feel strong.
He doesn’t have to break down every expression of individuality because it would threaten his very being.

Manny has made friends at school. One of them is Rocky, he often plays at our place. That’s how Carol and I got acquainted.
Rocky left my class already, I teach the youngest children. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to be with each other in private. It is lovely to see the boys together.

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