Hi, my name is Laurie. I was lucky. I‘ve found the one and only once. Or so it seemed. But in the end, he used my weaknesses to patronize me. There should be more to this game than to dominate or be dominated.
So I left. Now he is married and has two children. A boy and a girl.
I’m alone, alone, alone. It’s like going down the stairs. Alone, alone, alooone.
I hate vacations. I see all these mothers and fathers with their offspring on the beach. Doing their best.
I sit at different tables of all the same restaurants, having the same casual and superficial conversations with different people. Sometimes I end up in bed with somebody. I prefer not to do that in my own bed, then I can sneak out and go back to my place. I can cry if I want to, or take a shower, or do both.
Alone is good: nobody steps on my head, nobody pushes me under water.
Alone is bad: I would like to have someone around to share things with.

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