She does her best, I know she does. Even more than that, I know that. My Lisa. I should be the one taking care of her and we should be raising our children together.  
I hear the rain pouring. Feel the drops on my face. The asphalt, hot from the sunshine, steams as the water showers on it. I can smell that.
The scent of the plants around overwhelms me. They breathe after the heat and drought of the summer. I can almost listen to that. I’m not sure I really remember how the colour green was. This took the place of the colour green, this perfume.
She holds my hand as she leads me on the flat road. Easy to walk. Her hand is the only thing that connects me to the world about. She belongs to this world. 
A universe without me. I’m happy that she stays with me. She chooses to. We are caught in a cage together, with no escape.

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