My wife, she complains a lot. Seems like I cannot do anything right.
I stand by her, she can rely on me. Really, I love her, no matter what. I would like a little more appreciation. A lot, actually.
She has a hard time right now, she lost her job. But I can provide for both of us, easily. She shouldn’t worry so much. Shouldn’t be insecure.
It is always me, me, me, me, me. I would like her to think about the two of us more. About me a bit.
She doesn’t SEE ME.
Lilian again
I decided a thousand times not to try and tell him how I feel, how I would like to be touched, or spoken to. Every time I do, I regret it.
I gambled and I lost. I lost my job, actually. I lost myself with it. I’m over fifty now, there is almost no chance for me to find new work that fits my abilities and my level of study.
I never imagined I could be laid off. I was good. I had a huge salary, I led a team.
I competed with men, older than me. Maybe I got too close to the glass ceiling.
I invested everything in this career. I thought I could rise acting like a man. I forgot to be a woman when I could be. That’s a gamble!
Now I have no economic value and no right to my own thoughts and feelings.
He doesn’t SEE ME.

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