As lonely as you are – 1

Introducing Lea
I am not lonely, I refuse to be.
In September, my favourite month, I like to sit on a bench in the park. Watching people go from left to right and from right to left.
I try to guess what their destination is. Mostly, you can see if someone is on a lunch break or having free time. At times I like to go with the flow and take part in the procession.
Sometimes I sit alone, other times I share the seat with someone.
Every once in a while it happens that I have an interesting conversation.
It excites me to hear other people’s stories. Usually, they don’t ask about me, it seems they are glad to be listened to. It surprises me how easily they talk about themselves.
I avoid speaking to the same person twice. That’s why I have to switch benches often enough not to become acquainted.

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