Lola – 4, The End

It is time 
It is time to be whole again. For years now I’ve been living in my head; discarded my body because it was not serving me. But it did! As damaged as it is, it carries on. It carries ‘me’ on.
There is another reason not to want to live in this body: from the waist down I cannot take care of myself. I have to let, I have to ask other people to help me with everything. I’ve lost my corporeal privacy completely. That made me distance myself from my physical extensions. It is time to embrace myself again.
It is time to remember. When I was horse riding I learned one of the most important lessons in my life. 
A good horse will not accept you unless you approach being one with your own feelings. You can only be rewarded with consent or cooperation if you are honest. Sincerity is the key to communication with any animal. 
I would like my name to be Prudence.
It is time.

For Refke, because she knows about horses.

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