As lonely as you are – 8

Sadness again
When growing up I was surrounded by parents, friends and teachers who appreciated knowledge. I was eager to learn, loved reading, was curious and had a thirst for new impressions. I wasn’t a very good student, but there were a few subjects that interested me very much. In those I was ambitious. I liked to share what came to me with others.
But I also despised snobbism and looked for connecting with people outside my circle. In the environment I chose for, the values I was brought up with were not adequate.
I felt like a freak. If I was lucky, I could demonstrate my education when needed. For decades I tried not to learn new things, not to read, not to develop myself further. I wanted to be equal to the folks around me. But it didn’t bring the desired effect, my knowledge just became less up to date, I lost my credibility. 
In the end, I didn’t feel at home in my own life. It was time to return to my roots.

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