Lizzie’s story – 13

Separation – part 13

Manny has left. He lives with Boyd now. He is very brave, he has to be. I cannot do much for him and that feels terrible.
At first, it was even difficult to decide when to contact him; not to make it harder for him to be out there. He has to make it on his own.

Once I was visiting, Boyd thought I had spent enough time. So he shut me out and went inside with Manny. I didn’t want to linger outside too long after dark. It is quite a stroll home. Fortunately, I could go to Carol’s. They were very nice. I always stay with them when I see Manny ever since.

I was worried about Manny though. How he was coping. He is very serious about his connection with Boyd, I don’t want to come between them.

Carol told me she chose living in the wild to be able to see her boys grow up. Her man helped her to hang in there when it was challenging. I couldn’t make this choice. She neither could, without his support.

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