Male & female III. – at last

Finally, she said 

I realize now that  I shouldn’t have bloomed for everyone who wanted to smell my scent.  But it’s too late now; I’m old and weary. I don’t have a future, I only have a past.  Shouldn’t they respect my beauty?

Well.  Some do, some don’t.  Some respect your value and some can even see your inner beauty.  You did what a flower would do.

Of course, you have a future!  Maybe you don’t see it unless it becomes your present. If you didn’t have a future,  what would your past be made of?

Finally, he said 

I  would do anything not to let her go. I would even hurt her just to make her stay by my side. Aren’t all women weak?

Well.  Some are, some not.  Some seem weak when they are strong, some look powerful while they are fragile. Just like men, really.

I don’t think hurting her is a good idea.  Don’t destroy what you can’t own.  Unleash her, maybe she will stay.  She might have a different idea about love and understanding than you have.  Be brave, don’t be fearful.

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