Male & female I.

She said

I thought this bloom would be more red than it appears to be, she said. Doesn’t everyone deserve a red flower?

Well. Some do, some don’t. It is a matter of coincidence. You’ll have to be ready to recognize when somebody approaches with a red flower. Or at least anything red. Anyhow, you will have to bump into someone with something red. Not yellow, or brown, or orange.

Choose the one who lets you be the woman you really are. 


He said

I do everything I can to find and bring her a scarlet flower. She is not satisfied. Why not?

Well. Some are, some not. Don’t try so hard. Not every woman is appreciative of the effort. Pick one who is devoted to you, not who is most beautiful. Beauty doesn’t last.

Choose the one who helps you to be the man you really are.


For Roos, my friend. 19.07.2019


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