Lizzie’s story – 15

Friendship, Carol – part 15

Lizzie, my friend. She has some hard times now, her kid lives outside the colony. They are separated now. If they want to meet they both come to our place, where they can be together undisturbed.

Sometimes I envy her, she’s so free and independent. But I know, the price she pays is very high. I have my family around me, in good times and in bad times too. She will never live with her child again. It’s as if she adopted the community instead. Like; she can’t be the mother of her own child anymore, now she is everyone’s mother. She is the leader of the school now. A lot of people turn to her for advice.

It will be better. If Manny can visit her when he’s older, it will be better. I’m glad that my sons like her and pay her a visit from time to time. I know they confide in her, I’m OK with that.

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