Lizzie’s story – 7

Irons in the fire (Boyd) – part 7

I see Boyd very often lately. I still hope we get together sometime. But no, he comes for Manny. That’s good, I think. Good that Manny knows his father. But there are times I believe it would be even better if he had two parents instead of one, me. I had none though, so that’s a step forward.

On the other hand, I find it hard to forget how things went between the two of us. Once in a while it troubles me; as if Boyd could destroy our happiness.

Manny walks and talks already. A beautiful and clever child. We are a close team.
I love to see the world through his eyes.
In a while he will join the group of children in a school – kind of – put together here. It is very free, social development is the most important matter.

When he goes to school, I will work for the community. I’m excited about that. First I will have to find out what I can be good at. Dancing is not useful here. I performed a few times, however, had success with it. I can train here, get my body back.

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