Lizzie’s story – 6

Birth – part 6

I was used to having full control of my body as a dancer. But my body took control of me when I was giving birth. The pain was the way it was communicating through. I don’t even remember bearing as painful. It was different from any sensation I ever experienced though, it was overwhelming.

And now there is this little boy, warm and soft, smelling sweet, breathing in my arms. Magical. I named him Emmanuel, Manny.
All of a sudden I belong, never expected this. It seems like I was running my whole life and now I’m allowed to lie down.

We both received good care. In the first two weeks, a caretaker came to check if everything was alright and helped us every day. It was the same woman who supported me when I was in labor, she was very kind.

Boyd came to pick up some supplies. He wanted to see Manny.
He expected me to make love to him. I said no. No. I think I will always love him. But he didn’t treat me well. He is so out of touch.

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