Lizzie’s story – 3

Boyd – part 3
All of a sudden Lizzie was waiting in front of my place. She came down here, told me she was pregnant with our son, said she wanted to live with me. No question if I wanted it too. Just like that.
I like her, but not that much. I’m a good hunter and if I wanted a partner, I already had one.
She is a long-legged, red-haired beauty with green cat-eyes and sexy freckles. I think she doesn’t realize just how gorgeous she really is. I like to have her around me, but not for too long. The daily struggle is enough already, I am not looking for other mouths to feed.
There are a few couples out here, but most of the women live together in the colony. It is a safe place and we could see each other frequently if she was to live there. She’ll be fine. If her kid is a boy indeed, he’ll come to me in due time.

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