Lucy then
He goes to the same school as I do. His classroom is on the same floor as mine. He has some friends in my class so he comes to see them sometimes.
Occasionally he walks past me on the corridor. I don’t dare to look him in the face, but there are times he comes really close.
This August I was on vacation by the lake again. There were a lot of shooting stars so I made a wish. I wished for him to come and ask me.
I told nobody about it.
Suddenly, a few weeks later, he stood in my doorway and was looking at me, quite shy. He asked me to go steady together. Of course, I said yes.



Lucy now
He is still very attractive, we drink coffee together once in a while. A handsome, clever man, married (not with me), with four children (one OK, but four !?).
I was so in love with him, I couldn’t speak a word. He did the talking. We were walking endlessly through the streets, come rain or shine. I didn’t even want to hold hands. Too embarrassed, or something like that.
Now I know he also has his struggles, he also has breakfast, brushes his teeth.
I never wanted to be so devastated by love again. I really tried very hard to be a couple with somebody. With no success.
Somehow I just didn’t succeed in finding a man who would accept me, pay me respect, who wouldn’t take me for granted.

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